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Friday, May 17, 2019

How to install a bath screen

A bath screen is a very convenient and useful idea for your bathroom. It turns your bathroom into a shower cabin alongside, a two-in-one system. You won’t be worry that water will be on the floor and the walls.
A sliding screen for bath
A sliding screen for the bath
Glass bath screens can be sliding, opening and folding
The most common option - a screen from wall to wall, is known as sliding screen for the bath. This item is good if your bathtub is rectangular and takes up space in the bathroom between the walls. This screen usually consists of two or four sliding sections on rollers. The doors move in the metal frame.
The second option is the opening screen for the bath. This construction is less comfortable and durable than the usual sliding screen, but visually, it makes the bathroom lighter and looks stylish. You should pay attention to what, where, and how it opens when choosing such a screen.
And the third option is folding bath screen. Such models are folded like harmonica inside the bath. The main plus of this screen is they take up very little space in the folded state.
An opening screen for the bath
An opening screen for the bath
The advantages of glass screens for the bathroom are durability, easy installation, simple maintenance, good tightness, heat retention, and a wide choice of models on the market.
A folding bath screen
A folding bath screen
To install a glass screen for bath, you need to do the following.
Firstly, a wall profile is installed on the edge of the tray and is aligned vertically. Secondly, holes that need to be drilled are marked on the walls with a pencil and made in the tile. It should be done carefully, without damaging the enamel. Thirdly, the wall profile is screwed on the dowels. Fourthly, the space between the wall and the profile must be sealed with silicone sealing agent. After processing the joints, the sealant must be allowed to harden for several hours. Fifthly, a fixed part of the screen is mounted. And, finally, the doors are placed in the required position in the frame or hung on the hinges.

One of the steps of the bath screen installation
One of the steps of the bath screen installation

Enjoy using it!

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