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Friday, February 22, 2019

Mirror panels for room decoration.

Nowadays designers are introducing more and more new and interesting interior elements to give a cozy and unique look to your apartment. Mirror panels are among these new trends. This type of decoration is especially popular for bathrooms. And there are reasons for it:
• Mirrors can expand the boundaries of the room - the bathroom looks bigger than it actually is.
• The interior seems more multifaceted - each, even the smallest detail is multiplied by two.
• The room becomes brighter - the law of reflection of light has not yet been canceled so the bathroom with decorative mirror panels will appear lighter.
 Variety of designs – you can make narrow inserts, smooth square tiles, with a facet or patterned. You can also combine, for example, mirrored tiles with matte ones or mirrored inserts in with colored ones.
• The mirror is resistant to moisture. It withstands even 100% moisture exposure – so it is perfect for the bathroom.
• Easy installation - a team of professionals from Giovani Glass will install mirror panels on the walls and ceiling of the bathroom in a few days.
• Simple care -  not only dry but wet cleaning with the use of detergents without chlorine and various types of acids is allowed.

Mirror tiles. As a rule, they used for ceiling decoration. Depending on the type, it can be mounted on profiles or glued to a pre-leveled and prepared surface. From the decorative point of view, it can be smooth, patterned or faceted. The main rule of tile design for a small bathroom is not to divide an already small space into even smaller parts, using small tiles in the decoration. In this case, either use a seamless tile or a medium size tile.

Mirror panels. They are used for wall and ceiling cladding. These are long and narrow inserts that can be used as the main finish or as decorative inserts in an existing finish. Mirror panels on the ceiling can be fixed not only along or across (adjusting the space, because we all know that the stripes can lengthen the decorated surface) but also diagonally, forming an unusual perception of the room.


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