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Thursday, February 14, 2019

Choosing A Mirror For Your Bathroom

First of all, analyze the dimensions of your bathroom. If it is quite a small area and the necessary furniture can hardly be placed in it, then the best option for the location of the mirror is above the sink. You should also measure the width of the sink, if you decide that the mirror will still hang over it. It is more common when a rectangular mirror is of the same size as the washbasin’s width or slightly smaller, but there are bright variations when the mirror is much larger than the washbasin itself. If the form is oval or shaped, then there are almost no restrictions. It is important to grasp the proportion so that the ratio of all the items in the bathroom is harmonious.

If you have a large spacious room with enough free space and there is a place where fantasies can roam, then you can safely put a full-length mirror.
But do not forget that in addition to the place for the location of the mirror you still need the space in front of it to be able to look at yourself comfortably.
Please remember about the style and functionality.

It is recommended to adhere to one style. The classical style is more suitable for ordinary mirrors in lush luxurious frames. Such mirrors do not normally have the backlight.

If the style of your bathroom is closer to modern, then there are plenty of variations. Mirrors can be both in a frame and without it; heated glass (after taking a bath you can look at yourself in a completely clean mirror that is not steamed); with built-in backlight (a very good option as it helps not to strain your eyes when applying makeup, or just a handy backlight when taking water procedures). A mirror can also have a magnifying glass for easy makeup and shaving.


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