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Thursday, February 14, 2019

Bedroom Mirrors

A bedroom in each house is an extremely important “oasis of peace”, where it is customary to have not only a comfortable bed and accompanying accessories, but also a stylish mirror. Just imagine how a mirror in a round or oval shape framed by an elegant frame can contribute to your interior. If you locate it in the bedside area, it will effectively reflect the light from the night lamps recreating the soft, warm and cozy atmosphere in the room.
Mirrors in the bedroom are quite common. A compact dressing table with a mirror or a wardrobe with mirrored doors will always be a decoration of the lounge.

Considering the aspect of psychological influence of a mirror on a person, many experts come to the conclusion that it is not good to put a reflective canvas in front of the bed, since such a mirror installation can cause anxiety. Mirrored ceilings in the bedroom are not recommended either. But if you put a neat dressing table with mirrors or order an original projection of the mirror surface in the bedside area in the bedroom, then you can significantly transform any interior without disturbing the aesthetic and psychological perception.

By the way, small-format mirrors in the doors of a cabinet or in the form of an original ornament on the wall are now in trend. This trend allows you to make an exclusive installation of the mirror even in small bedrooms. Giovani Glass can realize any designing ideas. We are not only selling finished mirror products but can professionally adjust fragile surface to any size you wish.


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